Finding Jason

Yet oft his heart, Divine of something ill…

The Rogue One Countdown…

Since we are just about a week or so away from the newest release of the legendary and true story of Star Wars Rogue One, I thought I’d give my lil spill on an old conspiracy often disputed amongst sects and species within the Star Wars Multiverse. 

That of the Ancient and quite misunderstood religion of the Darkside…


Rule of Two Disinformation…

Surely Darth Bane was mislead by the Holocron of Darth Revan. His interpretation on the teachings of the Rule of Two have forever weakened our beloved Sith since he imposed its canon wrongfully. It is true a Master should take no more than One Apprentice at a time, but to think there should be only Two Sith Lords throughout the galaxy at any one time is foolish. That would make it possible for our enemies to move on us and wipe us out should we find ourselves in a trap and out numbered.
     Darth Revan understood the infighting our beloved Sith faced when Masters of old took on more than One Apprentice. They became power hungry and their numbers became hard to oversee and control. Thus his reasoning for the Rule of Two.
     Our beloved Darth Vader had no less than 4 apprentices himself and Darth Sideous proved treacherous when it was revealed he had been training another besides Lord Vader. Had he truly believed in the Rule of Two as passed down from Darth Bane, our Sith would now be all but a legend of the past, long forgotten after the defeat of Darth Sideous and the Sacrifice of Lord Vader.

May the Darkside free us all.

Wishful Thinking

So here’s a lil poem I to read it? Here it goes…

We do not need more generals, nor brash politicians. Rather we need more love, and creative children. Who’s minds are free from want and greed. Who’s laughs come about at brilliant speed. Who make all types of animals, out of the clouds in the sky. Clearly you’d see them if only you opened your eyes. Dinosaurs on the moon, and sand castles full of magic. The secret of eternal youth is making art a beautiful habit. Take time to laugh more everyday, pause and be sure to smile. For life is truly wonderful, even if it only lasts but awhile.

Hollywood WTF!!!

    Sometimes I find myself singing out loud to the radio and in my head I’m like “damn I sound fucking awesome. I could totally get a record deal, what the Fuck am I doing driving to this job?!”
Of course that’s when I’m listening to some good ole Motown or my favorite bad ass 80s hits, because when I turn on the radio now a days; “I’m like what the Fuck is this bullshit that is poisoning the airwaves and causing even more air pollution then we already have?!”
Shitty hooks repeated over and over again, with verses that have even less meaningful content. Oh and that beat, that 4 measure piece of shit on loop that’s been sampled a million times. There must be ONE rich producer out there because well, he’s obviously produced every hit on the market?! This is talent?!
Again, please don’t think I’m being negative or hateful towards what others call art, but let’s remember NOT to confuse Hate with Truth. And truthfully this shit is NOT art, it’s shit.
You got songs that have like a total of 25 words, and then you find out there was 9 writers on that song. A beautiful collaboration of shit. 9 different minds came together and all of them agreed that was a hit?! The split must suck when it comes to pay day.
I was blessed to grow up in a time when there was still imagination and creators were creators. To be different and unique , yet still bring some musical genius was widespread.

     Thanks Mom and Dad, for those Saturday mornings spent cleaning house with Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, and The Temptations blasting in the background.

Most Times…

​My favorite days are spent being lazy with my wife and my children. Or lost in a book, even one I’ve read a million times. Funny, at times I feel like a damn old man. I mean I do love getting out and experiencing this crazy beautiful world outside, but still I’ve never been one who has to always be doing some shit to feel entertained. For me it’s always been about balance….finding that balance though, has been one of my life’s toughest challenges. I can’t ever seem to level out. I’m either 100% balls out overdosing on whatever I’m into in that moment. Or I’m not with it at all. And many times I miss out and later find myself regretting not giving whatever I wasn’t willing to go for a try in the first place…what a fucking wack job?!  Now I understand why my wife calls me Mr.Indecisive! I get it now honey! Lately I’ve been browsing the so called “Self Help” isle at my local bookstore. I used to think this was only a place for addicts or lost souls, but fuck do they have some really great reads. Not so much the answers, but other paths and ways to finding many answers. Still though, many times I leave those same bookstores empty handed. The book I am searching for eludes me. Perhaps it doesn’t exist or maybe hasn’t yet been written. Perhaps I am supposed to write it?

Is This Thing Even On??!!

I guess you could say this blog has been in the works for most of my adult life, and to be honest with you, it’s because I’m fucking lazy when I don’t have anything to do, that it is only now coming into being. It isn’t that I don’t like to write, those close to me know it’s truly my one passion that I’ve held onto all these years, and one I’m not too bad at. But life gets the best of us sometimes. Truthfully I knew once I got off my ass and put pen to pad, well I knew then that I probably wouldn’t be able to shut the Fuck up.
So where do I begin? I’m in my mid 30s now and have been a few places here and there and seen a few things, none of which makes me an expert on shit, but enough hands on life experiences to be able to make some logical observations on a few things that I thought maybe someone would find as interesting as I have. As you’ve probably figured out by now that I tend to have a foul mouth at times and hopefully you hold your judgement about me until after getting to know my story a lil better, but if not , oh well Fuck it, have a nice day, please visit again soon.
Foul mouth and all I still consider myself a Gentleman Asshole. Let me explain. See I understand there is definitely a time and place for all things. And if we are to be respected we must first be respectful. There is a time for dinner manners as there is a time for Street etiquette. We must choose our wars wisely and with caution. But in all places and times it is important to be true to yourself and be fearless in speaking how you truly feel, even if most times you come off like an Asshole. This does NOT mean becoming a bully and going around saying cruel things. We all know the meanest people are also the most broken and hurt. But let us not confuse Hate with Honesty. In fact being an Asshole wasn’t something I can say I learned or acquired, luckily i was actually born this way. I’m also an Aries if you believe in all that, and some say that Assholism is one of our most awesome traits.
Still though, I believe in living an honorable life. One full of love and adventure. Getting in trouble once in awhile can be life’s best lessons. And I cherish family above everything.
Hopefully, if this blog goes as planned, I’ll be able to share some of those adventures and lessons and maybe make some new friends along the way. But then again nothing ever goes as planned and this could really turn into a cluster Fuck collection of arguments about Aliens, Hip Hop, Porn, Vampires and Mind Control (Some of my favorite things). But I’m hopeful it won’t turn out too wild.
Either way, I hope you enjoy these Rants & Rages and take a lil something away with you like “And I thought I was fucking crazy”, or “Funny, I feel the same way bout that dickhead”…
Never mind the seatbelt, your gonna need a fuckin helmet for this ride.

Some “ill Poetry” shall we…

I wrote the poem in the screen shot like 10 years ago….but here goes another!

Behold the mad man who rants, from which ill muse doth my inspiration cometh, to pour out as ink staining lines with a sonnet.

Witnessing anger onto paper cut from ancient trees now long deceased. Stolen homes from a jungle full of birds and wild bees.

Tell me, do you hear voices too when your locked away in your room. Or am I alone in this madness, this road to my tomb.

And that road to my tomb quite haunting yet jolly, full of life’s lessons now learned, earned achievements and proud folly.

And a love shared so deeply like the floors of the oceans, though truly I am worthy of such beautiful devotion.

My sweet immortal beloved, who’s touch is beyond any feeling, who’s tantalizing kiss floats me above heaven’s ceilings.

Where I find myself wandering lost amongst those poets of old. To whom the Titans and Gods entrusted secret truths to be told.

Perhaps I am them and they are I all the same, or I’m still locked away in my room alone, going insane.

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