At night in dreams, on candy cane swings,

Lil Mina Smiles with a gleem sweeter than whip cream.

And the breeze blows through her hair, singing soft tunes.

Lullabys and other melodies that lift away all her blues.

And the view through her beautiful brown eyes is oh such a sight,

Of a wonderful world of love & laughs, where all is made right.

Sidewalks of Milk Chocolate and grasses of Marshmallows,

Where every animal present greets you with a hello.

Birds fly by upside down in all wacky directions,

Dazzling pools with waterfalls reflect backward reflections.

Purple clouds filled of honeydew rain rainbow gumdrops every hour,

And dust storms aren’t so bad when they’re made of pure sugar powder.

Tropical islands and oceans with waves of jello that go back and forth,

Carrying Starfish of all sizes from gianormous to dwarf.

And lil Mina Hula dances, most prettiest of all the world’s lil girls,

Casting off an enchanting aura with just one lil twirl.

Like a princess she runs and plays amongst the sugar sand castles,

Giving chase in mazes and a great labyrinth that had this lil boy baffled.

And all this takes place, when Mina closes her eyes just because

Her divine mind can always find us in the Land of Nevawuz.