You had me at FREEDOM, but Freedom for who? It seems to be for only those few who can maintain paying for it, and those others playing along with the downward spiral without any question or disruption of the so called “Great” system in decline.

Don’t get me wrong I consider myself a True Blue Patriot, one who STILL believes in the now obviously forgotten Dream of OUR Forefathers. The Dream of a Free and United Country where all Men AND Women are treated alike and are not just given, but deserving of equal rights and the uninterrupted pursuit of happiness.

But Patriotism really doesn’t have anything to do with right or wrong or TRUTH. So here’s where I may come off like a complainer or ungrateful, but before anyone calls me out on some bullshit, I’ll always be the first to call out my own. My way, I guess, of keeping it real with myself and making sure I’m growing and progressing in what may be not necessarily the right direction to everyone else, but the “Righteous” direction for myself. 

As a Nation we are very young. But that is no excuse for the failures and short comings we have endured. We being the “New World”, though let’s be honest there were a people here long before we enforced our way of living, we have had all the previous empires, societies, and cultures to learn from and yet we still fuck up. And fuck up a lot!

It’s hard trying to justify terrible things we have done in the name of Freedom. Try finding a good reason for slavery or putting natural born citizens in camps because we were at war with the country of their ancestors. When you look at the big picture it’s not hard to see who the real bad guys of the world have been.

From knowingly poisoning our own citizens to doing freak medical testing, sterilizing a native people without their knowledge or permission, domestic spying and the police state systematic murder of unarmed citizens. Our court systems are made into TV shows. Our schools have become second to prisons. We are far from Great. 

A house divided can not and will not stand. And we are more divided now than ever before. But before we make those changes necessary to make it the “Greatest”, we need to call out our own bullshit, call out each other’s bullshit, call out these suckers in so called powers bullshit.

The first Revolution started with a shot that was heard around the world. And a skirmish over some bullshit tea taxes. That was enough to push these Men to say enough of this bullshit.

My wife always asks why I let certain things get me bothered or steal from my joy. And she is right most times about letting outside bullshit influence my feelings. But I’ll never trade the Dream for some bullshit. No matter what they’d like us to believe. It’s all bullshit in the end.