What the FUCK ever happened to Respect? Even Self Respect for that matter. Everyday a new sex abuse scandal surfaces. Every other day a new victim comes out of hiding.

As a Man, one who was obviously raised with a different set of ethics and morals than what today’s society seems to be teaching, I don’t find myself sharing any feelings with those around me other than surprise. 

Surprised only because it’s obvious that these so called Men now a days don’t know how to carry themselves and act in the least proper enough to be around females. I know there had to be a woman in their lives at some point? One that taught them the simplest form of Respect, you remember that old rule about keeping your fucking hands to YOURSELF. 

I find it even harder for me to be fully compassionate to these Victims who waitied so long to come out. NOT that they are guilty of anything except standing up for themselves and having some Self Respect. Sure, they might have lost that shitty job where they would’ve been working next to some creep who harrassed them everyday but they also might’ve saved the next female from the same trauma they now have to deal with simply by standing their ground and demanding what is deserving of every HUMAN. Respect.

I don’t feel for someone who allowed themselves to be disrespected and objectified for a part or a raise or anything or any type of personal gain. You only push your species back a hundred years when you sell out. But Much praise and glory to the one who in a sense crucified her career for her own peace of mind, pride and Self Respect. For she truly knows her value.

As a Man I can only be sure to raise my Sons as I have been raised. To respect not only Woman, even those who sadly these days don’t seem to Respect themselves, but everyone because it reflects on who we are ourselves. And to raise my Daughters too not only Respect themselves, but to demand it of themselves and those others they may come across.

There never has been and never will be an excuse for disrespect.