It is no secret that our once great nation is suffering. From the White House on down flows a hopeless river whos waters divide it’s citizens first by Race, then by Class. Our so called leaders are far from such an exalted title, rather cowards who rarely show up half the time, only to get nothing done for the People, while they themselves award one another monetary raises, endless benefits, and go on making War and living as Kings and Queens.

The so called most Free Country on Earth now strangles herself with countless ropes and chains of bullshit Laws and Statues, NOT set up too better protect our beloved society, NO! But to extort hard earned money from an already struggling working class, to line the pockets of slimey lizards that have over stayed there place in Congress and the Senate, while our infrastructure falls apart. It is time to clean house.

Even when Pandora’s Box had played out its horrors and Turmoil onto the World, Zeus had not forsaken his creation. Hope was also there in that dreadful moment of need. Hope was the beginning of change. But lets not be foolish. Hope without action is a tragedy. Though we need to start somewhere.

I think everyone knows what must be done. But I know most are only truly concerned with their own well being, Too afraid to lose that little fake safe/comfort zone they have tricked themselves into believing is real. They are ok with being taken from. ok with paying taxes on their own personal, fully paid for property over and over again. Ok with paying outrageous fees to park in front of their own home. Ok with having to work more than the regular 40 hours just to keep from starving. Ok with the streets and internet and T.V.’s raising their children because both parents are forced to work just to keep from being homeless. Ok with this new form of slavery. Ok with Victims being Victimized over and over again by a funny Judicial system that can be sold off to the highest bidder. And let us never forget those murderous pigs that hide behind a badge that We the People pay for, in fact, they’re the largest and most dangerous gang of all.

The solution you ask? What else shall we do? That’s easy, if you are willing to fight the good fight. If you’re willing to get some and get just as dirty as these clowns that have fooled us into thinking that they are the absolute. We have forgot our place in this big picture. We The People are the ONE and ONLY True Power around here. So STOP standing down and let US Stand Together.

If we are to be a Land of Laws then so be it…Out Law War out right. Make those who vote in favor of War go and fight it themselves, instead of sending our Sons and Daughters! Give limits to the terms A Congressman or Congresswoman or Senator may serve. And if their performance is out of favor then they are out of a Job just like any other citizen who works for another, simple as that. Make all things and Matters of our Government Transparent by Law. What we don’t know can and will be used against us, but that which we do know we can make a plan to deal with and overcome. STOP privatizing Prisons and hold those who took Oaths accountable and treated as traitors should they break such promises. And this is just the beginning.

We may not have started in a great way, and sadly at the cost of others. It’s only when we look at our faults and accept them, that we can begin to make right. Hope has always been with us. And it is our duty as a nation, to our fellow citizens and our children that will one day inherit our legacy, good or bad, That We the People take back that American Dream they almost made us forget.