Just wanted to update those who asked about the book, or manual rather, that I have been working on. I was hoping to put it out in July but upon further self reflection, I felt that much of it needed to be revised and put together with a little more realness if you will. 

I promise that those who come across its pages will have an awakening and find it truly transforming should you follow some of the life giving instructions I placed inside. Though I warn you, when I decided to rewrite some of the chapters I found myself no longer holding back and coming off more brutally honest with not only myself but those who will take the time to read its secrets.

The Sith Mind as I’ve decided to call it, again don’t let the name imply a tale of science fiction but a rebellious manual set on total illuminating freedom with absolutely zero fucks given, is a work that I am more than excited to share with everyone. 

Again, sorry for the wait.