First, let me clarify that the Sith I speak of is NOT and has NOTHING to do with the false Sith Academy, Sith Temple or any of their bullshit misinterpreted childlike teachings; rather the True Sith from hence my authority has descended is an Ancient teaching that was passed down verbally for over 20,000 years before the arrival of the first Jen’Jedi exiles, that included Lord Sorzus Syn, who first began to document these sacred teachings in 6900 b.b.y. 

Along with written works passed down from Master to Apprentice in secrecy, I had acquired the Doctrine and Sacred Wisdom of the Sith through Force Meditation, Divine Revelation and Force Experience. My Master was soon afterward imprisoned for 20 years on Earth and eventually I surpassed his teachings and became even more powerful. 

Only now have I accepted my fate as Sith’ari. 

As the sacred prophecy has foretold…

The Sith’ari will be free of limits.

The Sith’ari will lead the Sith and destroy them.

The Sith’ari shall once again raise the Sith from death and thus make them stronger than ever before.

Soon we shall reveal ourselves and free this planet from the chains of Mental, Physical and Force Spiritual bondage forevermore.