Since we are just about a week or so away from the newest release of the legendary and true story of Star Wars Rogue One, I thought I’d give my lil spill on an old conspiracy often disputed amongst sects and species within the Star Wars Multiverse. 

That of the Ancient and quite misunderstood religion of the Darkside…


Rule of Two Disinformation…

Surely Darth Bane was mislead by the Holocron of Darth Revan. His interpretation on the teachings of the Rule of Two have forever weakened our beloved Sith since he imposed its canon wrongfully. It is true a Master should take no more than One Apprentice at a time, but to think there should be only Two Sith Lords throughout the galaxy at any one time is foolish. That would make it possible for our enemies to move on us and wipe us out should we find ourselves in a trap and out numbered.
     Darth Revan understood the infighting our beloved Sith faced when Masters of old took on more than One Apprentice. They became power hungry and their numbers became hard to oversee and control. Thus his reasoning for the Rule of Two.
     Our beloved Darth Vader had no less than 4 apprentices himself and Darth Sideous proved treacherous when it was revealed he had been training another besides Lord Vader. Had he truly believed in the Rule of Two as passed down from Darth Bane, our Sith would now be all but a legend of the past, long forgotten after the defeat of Darth Sideous and the Sacrifice of Lord Vader.

May the Darkside free us all.