Sometimes I find myself singing out loud to the radio and in my head I’m like “damn I sound fucking awesome. I could totally get a record deal, what the Fuck am I doing driving to this job?!”
Of course that’s when I’m listening to some good ole Motown or my favorite bad ass 80s hits, because when I turn on the radio now a days; “I’m like what the Fuck is this bullshit that is poisoning the airwaves and causing even more air pollution then we already have?!”
Shitty hooks repeated over and over again, with verses that have even less meaningful content. Oh and that beat, that 4 measure piece of shit on loop that’s been sampled a million times. There must be ONE rich producer out there because well, he’s obviously produced every hit on the market?! This is talent?!
Again, please don’t think I’m being negative or hateful towards what others call art, but let’s remember NOT to confuse Hate with Truth. And truthfully this shit is NOT art, it’s shit.
You got songs that have like a total of 25 words, and then you find out there was 9 writers on that song. A beautiful collaboration of shit. 9 different minds came together and all of them agreed that was a hit?! The split must suck when it comes to pay day.
I was blessed to grow up in a time when there was still imagination and creators were creators. To be different and unique , yet still bring some musical genius was widespread.

     Thanks Mom and Dad, for those Saturday mornings spent cleaning house with Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, and The Temptations blasting in the background.