​My favorite days are spent being lazy with my wife and my children. Or lost in a book, even one I’ve read a million times. Funny, at times I feel like a damn old man. I mean I do love getting out and experiencing this crazy beautiful world outside, but still I’ve never been one who has to always be doing some shit to feel entertained. For me it’s always been about balance….finding that balance though, has been one of my life’s toughest challenges. I can’t ever seem to level out. I’m either 100% balls out overdosing on whatever I’m into in that moment. Or I’m not with it at all. And many times I miss out and later find myself regretting not giving whatever I wasn’t willing to go for a try in the first place…what a fucking wack job?!  Now I understand why my wife calls me Mr.Indecisive! I get it now honey! Lately I’ve been browsing the so called “Self Help” isle at my local bookstore. I used to think this was only a place for addicts or lost souls, but fuck do they have some really great reads. Not so much the answers, but other paths and ways to finding many answers. Still though, many times I leave those same bookstores empty handed. The book I am searching for eludes me. Perhaps it doesn’t exist or maybe hasn’t yet been written. Perhaps I am supposed to write it?